King’s College Chapel | Old Aberdeen | 35:Chronicle

28mm, black & white, night / low-light, photography, structures

Wide Open Spaces.

Walking around Old Aberdeen after sunset turned out to be a pure joy in many ways. In a previous post, I waxed a little about the stunningly picturesque Powis Gate Towers and, directly opposite them stands this beautiful building – King’s College. Although I was tripodless, I managed to snag a few frames by shooting wide open (at 2.5) handheld and, though a little soft, I am nonetheless very happy to share these few images. I hope you’ll enjoy them. 


I. [1/17th” f2.5 ISO:1600]

35chronicle.091 (3)

II. [1/50th” f2.5 ISO:1600]

35chronicle.091 (1)

III. [1/13th” f2.5 ISO:1600]

35chronicle.091 (2)


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