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One Hundred to One.

Seeing as how this post happens to be my one hundredth, it’s actually ninety-nine into one . Since I began this blog back in March, I have also enjoyed the works and posts of so many of you and, if there could be more hours in a day, there would be many more besides, too, providing me with no less enjoyable learning, entertainment or, food for thought. I have also, over the last ten months, hoped to provide some interest in the field of photography, my own takes from various genres of our art-form which I feel so passionate about. Without the love for it, the desire to (hopefully) create something a little different on occasion or, the discipline to stay true, it’s all for nothing. Insosaying, I hope with all the passion that I have for various genres of photography, that my sincerity is not only intact but also, perhaps more importantly, unmistakably evident.

As this year now tick-tocks on to draw its last, making way for the next, I would like not only to thank you most sincerely for your input, your comments, clicks, follows and conversations, but to wish every one of you a very happy New Year for 2019. Your presence here is just as important as my own works, because without a reader, a word or a picture – would be pointless. Therefore, if you will forgive my indulgence, I would like to share with you all just some of my favourite frames from this inaugural year on 35:Chronicle.  I truly hope that you will enjoy them.

Wishing you all wonderful celebrations and, much happiness from the coming year.

Warmest regards,


Snowdrops | 35mm.

35Chronicle.001 (31)


Telford Woz ‘Ere! | 720nm Faux-Colour Infrared | 35mm.


Double-Masted | 720nm Infrared | 35mm.

35Chronicle.008 (2)

Bluebell | 35mm.

35Chronicle.012 (2)

Broom | 35mm.

35chronicle.029 (4)

Milkbank House Ruins | 760nm Infrared | 28mm.

35chronicle.042 (4)

Talla Reservoir | 760nm Infrared | 28mm.


Talla’s Monitoring Station | 720nm Infrared | 50mm.

35chronicle.062 (3)

How the Other Half Live | 720nm Infrared | 35mm.

35chronicle.079 (2)

Sir Duncan Rice Library | University of Aberdeen | 28mm.

35chronicle.087 (1)

Moonrise | 720nm Infrared | 85mm.

35chronicle.074 (1)


Grandeur | 35mm.

35chronicle.099 (2)


Happy New Year 2019, to You All!


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