A Different Light | Black & White | 35:Chronicle

28mm, 35mm, black & white, infrared, photography, trees, waterscape, winter

An Unplanned Comparison.

Back in February, I remember standing on the bridge, over the river and making this first image of the winter weather, trying to capture the chill of the scene, and hopefully, the quiet beauty of it, too. (It was first posted here.) Well, recently, I found myself standing at almost the same spot while out shooting some infrareds and captured the same scene again, under beautiful sunshine. 

What a difference a few months makes.


I | The Braves.

35Chronicle.040 (2)[35mm]


II | The Bathers.

35chronicle.040[28mm | 760nm IR]


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A Little Seasoning | 35:Chronicle

35mm, autumn / fall, black & white, infrared, nature, photography, spring, summer, winter

Not Exactly Vivaldi.

This is a good thing. Whilst I enjoy music in many forms, Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ (most of it anyway, and, to my ears) sounds like perpetual motion for the sheer sake of it; long-winded and rather too repetitive for my liking. But still, this post has nothing to do with Vivaldi’s most popular pieces and I dare say, photographically, my present offerings will never even touch the sides of the adulation which he would have enjoyed from his own interpretations. Nonetheless, my offerings are short, (hopefully) sweet and, won’t annoy anyone’s eardrums, either. So, it’s all good, no? (Unless you’re a particular fan of the Big ‘V’ – in which case you’re probably reading somebody else’s pages already and this scribble is all rather redundant.) Still, as the first warm days of spring arrive to lighten the heart and stir the spirit, here is my little take on each of the seasons, with a doff of my cap, a wry smile and an anticipation of the changes to come.

My lens will be ready.

Spring Daffodils | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (36)


Summer Shade | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (61)


Autumn Mist

35Chronicle.001 (5)


Winter Closure

35Chronicle.001 (72)


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To the Trees | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, faux-colour, infrared, landscape, nature, photography, trees, waterscape, winter

An Ode to the Giants

When photographing a landscape, it’s impossible to get away from them and, thank heavens for this. They are the true giants of the land; not only this –  they are the protectors, the meeting places and the homes of a myriad of different species of insects, birds and mammals. Trees, while often undervalued and ignored by many, play not only a vital role as part of nature’s grand design, but they shape our land and, our skies. All of these truths are fairly rudimentary and obvious, however, I wonder how many of us truly, truly appreciate their value?

For as long as I’ve being photographing, I’ve been drawn to the trees. Such a uniformly natural and perfunctory design, largely very similar if not always in shape, colour or dimensions, and it has always been a challenge for me to photograph them in a variety of ways, using not only the same technique or approach each time I frame and expose. Realising in photographic form their stature, their place and importance within a scene, their mimicry or even how they fit inside such a scene, is much more difficult than I used to think it was. It does take some work and, often a lot of thought. Therefore, what this post is intended to be – is an ode, an appreciation of a genus much taken for granted. I hope to have portrayed such with at least some degree of justice.

For the so many times I have scrumped in, climbed up, picnicked under, carved my initials into, swung from, and yes, even made love below the shading boughs of – this is my knowing and sincerely appreciative nod, to the trees. 

We thank you, wholeheartedly.

Inside-Out | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (63)


Swan Lake [I Just Couldn’t Resist, I’m Sorry!] | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (37)


The Braves

35Chronicle.001 (71)


General Cluster | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (2)


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Frost Bites | 35:Chronicle

35mm, close-up, colour, nature, photography, winter

Before the Thaw.

As the sun rose over the back of the house, much earlier than I it should be noted, I had around twenty minutes with my camera with which to make a few frames of the frost. On an old wooden table, a space reserved for the birds where they can feed in safety, behind the high fence and out of sight of looming sparrowhawks searching for a warm breakfast, lay these miniature terracotta and stone pots, bitten, chipped and cracked by previous cold-snaps, still wearing their frozen yet fragile crowns. But, they wouldn’t for long. Winter can be as delicate as it can be hard, it seems. 

Fragile Crowns

35Chronicle.001 (9)1/200th | f5.6 | ISO 200


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