Drumlanrig Castle [720nm IR] | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography, rural, structures

The Last of the First | Ricoh GR Infrared.

To say that I love shooting with an IR-converted GR is an understatement. As Drumlanrig has been its initial proving-ground, I know all too well that I will have to return when spring has worked its magic, and the leaves have returned to complete the effect. More than likely, I will also be looking to compare outputs between this wonderful conversion and, my converted X100 – I know already it’ll be a very close call. Furthermore, as the gardens to the house will soon be open again to the public (on my recent visit, the groundsmen were working furiously to prepare them) I feel extremely excited to know that I will have much more time here, to explore again – and yes, shoot to my heart’s content, should conditions be fair. Hopefully, photographically speaking- I will be able to do this place much more justice. I’m not there yet, but my shutter-finger is twitching already at the prospect; and my impatience is becoming increasingly apparent. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these two frames as much as I have. 


V | Drumlanrig Castle | 720nm IR | 35mm Internal Crop / 4:3 – 250th – f8 – ISO:100

35chronicle.132 (1)

VI | Lined | 720nm IR | 35mm Internal Crop / 4:3 – 125th – f7.1 – ISO:100

35chronicle.132 (2)

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4 thoughts on “Drumlanrig Castle [720nm IR] | PT.III | 35:Chronicle

    1. For sure, Mike, they are excellent subjects. One of my favourites. But I’ve become so used to seeing / shooting in IR that I seem to incorporate my normal black and white process moreso in infrared whenever the chance arises in as many settings as I can. Light painting (as I think you mean it) is a wonderful work flow, sadly, one I have little time for outside of working with just my eye and a camera and, I have no idea how a visible light painting process would be visible when shooting IR. I like simple, I guess. Too old and set in my ways, I suspect. Besides, I’m happy with the light from above me, most of the time. That way, I still get to choose how I want to capture it. Thanks for your comments, Mike! Food for thought. 🤔


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