A Grand Entrance | Old Aberdeen | 35:Chronicle

28mm, black & white, night / low-light, photography, structures

The Powis Gate Towers.

During a wander around the University of Aberdeen’s buildings and walkways, these wonderful minaret towers came into view, lit only by a couple of street lamps and, traffic lights. Daylight had faded to black and I simply had nowhere to rest my camera – so, if I was going to get a frame of these beautiful towers, I would have to do it the ol’ fashioned way. Steady the body, metre, compose, deep breath and – wait for some foot-traffic.

Both frames shot handheld at 1/6th”, f2.5, ISO:1600. I have included two, where one frame would surely suffice, only because, with subtle differences, I simply couldn’t decide between them. I hope you’ll enjoy…




35chronicle.088 (2)



35chronicle.088 (1)


Information on the Powis Gate Towers can be found here.
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7 thoughts on “A Grand Entrance | Old Aberdeen | 35:Chronicle

    1. Thank you! Not everyone can appreciate it but it’s always warming when someone does. I’m very grateful for your comment. 🙏

    1. All the way back to 1834! The towers were actually hardly lit at all, surprisingly. Only a longer shutter allowed me to gather enough light from a couple of street lamps. Thankfully, I’d not had caffeine for over an hour before I made these. 🙏 Thank you as always for your kind comments! 🙏

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