Let the Shadows Lengthen | 720nm IR | PT.II | 35:Chronicle

autumn / fall, black & white, infrared, landscape, photography

Under a Low, Autumn Sun.

Walking around my home-turf is a real joy on evenings like this and, it is my express intention to squeeze every single IR frame that I can this year, out of this beautiful, peaceful landscape. I know just how lucky I am – and, I hope this notion comes across in my frames. The lowering sun does make composition a little more of a thoughtful, slowed-down process but, that’s how I work naturally anyway. A little slower? Who cares? In a place like this – why would I need to rush, anyway?

(I am aware of the cardinal sin that no serious photographer should ever commit, even unwittingly, in the second frame – however, I’m not a fan of removing elements, so, it stays. It shouldn’t take you long to find it. To help you, try thinking along the lines of “Where’s [the] Wally”! Anyhow, I hope you’ll enjoy these two compositions.


I | 50mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.081 (2)


II | 85mm – 720nm IR.

35chronicle.081 (1)


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12 thoughts on “Let the Shadows Lengthen | 720nm IR | PT.II | 35:Chronicle

    1. You’re too kind!! In truth, I was amused by it.. but still a tad surprised that I did it in the first place. 😳😁

  1. Maybe I’m blind but I didn’t see anything what could be necessary to remove. No sins at all! 😀
    Clouds look so illusive. I like these shots!

    1. Trust me, Alena, you’ll see it eventually. 😱 I’m so glad you like these. Evening IR has a whole different ‘feel’.

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