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Ali: Did Not Float Like a Butterfly.

No, it packed real punches. A few shots from within just a one-mile radius of my home, taken during and after the storm hit. Sorry that this one is a little image-heavy (compared to my usual number) but I hope you will find them worth your perusal, (not least because it took me over two hours to upload, over a very dodgy mobile-phone hotspot connection to my laptop). The damage doesn’t look too ridiculous if these shots alone are to lend some kind of testament to Ali’s total severity, and, I am sure that there are many other far more devastating images out there. However, in my never-ending quest for the real – here are some captures from around me. I would say that I hope you enjoy, but, that would sound perverse; still, you know what I mean, right? 


I. | During | 850nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (1)


II. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (6)


III. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (4)


IV. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (5)


V. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (3)


VI. | After | 720nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (7)


VIII. | Peace at Last | 8500nm IR.

35chronicle.072 (2)


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9 thoughts on “Inside a Mile | 720 & 850nm Infrared | 35:Chronicle

  1. Several years ago I could joke that these fallen trees and all this chaos looks like my life) Now my life changed. Just remembered about it now.

  2. Nature is strong!
    When some people say that they are friends of nature it makes me smile a little and I want to ask them: “Are you sure about it?” And I think not just such things shows a failure of this friendship. If a typical human will stay in wild nature for some days without a house there will be no friendship also. Just an effort to survive and maybe not a successful effort.
    I can’t like it, but the images are powerful, especially the first one.

    1. I guess that’s why we moved out of the caves in the first place.. not enough of them. You’re right of course. We wouldn’t stand much of a chance in the longterm, nowadays. Thank you for your comments, Alena. Fully appreciated, of course. 🙏

    1. In the first 850nm shot used it to slow down my shutter as I had no ND to hand. I used 720nm to help create some separation and contrast on what was notably a very dull day that, had I shot visible light, would have come across a heck of a lot flatter. Plus, I do love a different visual perspective, if I can find them. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by! 🙏

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