Local Pheasant Leaves Photo-Present | 35:Chronicle

35mm, black & white, close-up, macro, nature, photography

A Ringneck’s Three.

Tip, Shaft & Quill.

35chronicle.066 (3)


35chronicle.066 (2)


35chronicle.066 (1)


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2 thoughts on “Local Pheasant Leaves Photo-Present | 35:Chronicle

  1. Interesting effect when seen in macro,I like the ‘shaft’ image without a description you might not recognise it as a feather, nice work!

    1. I did try a few frames with full length composition but I couldn’t get it to work for me. Partials was the better way yo go and, more to the point, easier to light. Not perfect but, fun. Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting my pages!

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