Closer Still(s) | PT.XII | 35:Chronicle

35mm, close-up, macro, nature, photography

Purple Poppy-Pods.

I. | 35mm – 1/3″ | f10 | ISO:100

35chronicle.063 (02)


II. | 35mm – 1/2″ | f10 | ISO:100



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11 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.XII | 35:Chronicle

  1. I like poppies. It’s funny but in Russia these flowers are forbidden. Ordinary people almost stopped growing them, even decorative kinds.

    1. Is there a reason as to why they are forbidden? I love poppies too, and thankfully, they grow wild around the edges of my garden, though not in great numbers which I suppose only makes me appreciate them moreso. 🙏

    2. I think the reason is struggle against drug addiction. I don’t know how it’s working and I’m not sure at all that it helps 🙂 And I really can’t understand why even decorative forms are forbidden, but I’ve read and heard that people who grew poppies were checked by the police somehow. It’s not a pleasant thing I think.
      I prefer a single flower also. Though a field of flowers is something wonderful.

    3. Yes, there are about 100 varieties of poppy and a lot of them are just beautiful and not harmful in anyway.

    1. I could never have expected such a response, Leah. Thank you so much. Utterly delighted that you enjoy them! 🙏

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