Barefoot in Bucharest? | 35:Chronicle

28mm, colour, personal, photography

Where Friends Once Met.

There is a cafe in Bucharest, the owners of which have a beautiful take on one forgetful aspect of their imbibing clientele. I know it is all too easy, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, to kick-back with friends, lose the footwear and, just chill. A few drinks and a great time, feet, bare on the warm concrete underneath and, afterwards, a happy wander in any direction – maybe home; who knows? I wonder how long it might take for such a person to realise that they’re still barefooted? Nonetheless, those shoes found under tables, when unclaimed, are pinned to the walls outside. A reminder of those who have visited, or perhaps, just a novel way of keeping the floors clear? I don’t know – but it makes me smile every single time I see this photograph because it reminds me, of wonderful times. It’s from my archives, but I came across it again today and, simply couldn’t resist sharing. Have a great weekend! 


Replay | Wall-Mounted Quality Goo… | 28mm

20160514 RL - Bucharest


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2 thoughts on “Barefoot in Bucharest? | 35:Chronicle

  1. When I was a bit younger (maybe it’s funny for you to read this) I liked walking on the streets barefoot. It was that time when I lived in Moscow. So maybe it wasn’t the best idea. But looking at me several people also did this 😀 I set a bad example 😀
    There is such a song, it was a soundtrack to a movie “Barfuss” (2005), I’ve never read the lyrics though. Hope it’s not forbidden to share a link here. Now youtube offers me other songs… and I have a retro party here 😀

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    1. The link is just fine Alena, thank you! I will have a listen as soon as I can and I hope others do also. Walking barefoot was a very bohemian thing to do decades ago but now everyone wears trendy trainers so it’s a thing of the past, for sure. Unless it’s Friday / Saturday night and the heels 👠 get painful on the way home from the pub. (Obviously I am not talking about me, here! 😐) Enjoy your 🎉party! 🎶

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