A Different Light | Black & White | 35:Chronicle

28mm, 35mm, black & white, infrared, photography, trees, waterscape, winter

An Unplanned Comparison.

Back in February, I remember standing on the bridge, over the river and making this first image of the winter weather, trying to capture the chill of the scene, and hopefully, the quiet beauty of it, too. (It was first posted here.) Well, recently, I found myself standing at almost the same spot while out shooting some infrareds and captured the same scene again, under beautiful sunshine. 

What a difference a few months makes.


I | The Braves.

35Chronicle.040 (2)[35mm]


II | The Bathers.

35chronicle.040[28mm | 760nm IR]


[Each image resized for web & may be tapped / clicked to open in a new tab / window]

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2 thoughts on “A Different Light | Black & White | 35:Chronicle

    1. Thank you Alena. I honestly believed it was the only way to show them. The contrast of seasonal change is always a delight to see for me.

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