To May, Farewell | 35:Chronicle

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A Small Tribute (from a Country-Boy).

Every year for as long as I can recall, May always seems to be the finest month of them all. The coming of the Spring, the new growth – and the welcome respite at the tail-end of another long, cold and windy winter. This is, I realise hardly a fitting tribute for all of the light, warmth and, even hope that May brings, however, it’s all I have time for before the last day of this beautiful month, ticks-tocks away for another eleven. 

(23:40 – 31st May 2018) 


Bluebells. | 35mm

35Chronicle.027 (6)


Calves | 35mm

35Chronicle.027 (4)


Contrails | 35mm | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.027 (2)


Under the Boughs | 35mm

35Chronicle.027 (3)


Old Stones | 35mm | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.027 (5)


Farewell… | 35mm | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.027 (1)

Until next year, then?


[Each image resized for web & may be tapped / clicked to open in a new tab / window]

As always, thank you for visiting.

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