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An Ode to the Giants

When photographing a landscape, it’s impossible to get away from them and, thank heavens for this. They are the true giants of the land; not only this –  they are the protectors, the meeting places and the homes of a myriad of different species of insects, birds and mammals. Trees, while often undervalued and ignored by many, play not only a vital role as part of nature’s grand design, but they shape our land and, our skies. All of these truths are fairly rudimentary and obvious, however, I wonder how many of us truly, truly appreciate their value?

For as long as I’ve being photographing, I’ve been drawn to the trees. Such a uniformly natural and perfunctory design, largely very similar if not always in shape, colour or dimensions, and it has always been a challenge for me to photograph them in a variety of ways, using not only the same technique or approach each time I frame and expose. Realising in photographic form their stature, their place and importance within a scene, their mimicry or even how they fit inside such a scene, is much more difficult than I used to think it was. It does take some work and, often a lot of thought. Therefore, what this post is intended to be – is an ode, an appreciation of a genus much taken for granted. I hope to have portrayed such with at least some degree of justice.

For the so many times I have scrumped in, climbed up, picnicked under, carved my initials into, swung from, and yes, even made love below the shading boughs of – this is my knowing and sincerely appreciative nod, to the trees. 

We thank you, wholeheartedly.

Inside-Out | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (63)


Swan Lake [I Just Couldn’t Resist, I’m Sorry!] | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (37)


The Braves

35Chronicle.001 (71)


General Cluster | 720nm Infrared

35Chronicle.001 (2)


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