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Artistic Licence, Perhaps?

Maybe I’m leaning on it a little but then, maybe not. We all use different filters on our glass to achieve certain effects or, to eliminate others so, why not a close-up filter? The only real issue I’ve had with shooting close with a 35 is blocking my own light for my subject, which is easily overcome by using an indoor set-up for shooting subjects in this way. Outdoors, it can be more than possible to shoot close with good posture discipline or a tripod of some description (in which case, minimum ISO should always be considered for still subjects) and, having the ability to move away from the light-source (typically the sun) if it’s possible to keep your subject in-frame in a way that you’d wish to capture it. It’s not always possible to find success this way but, it can happen more often than not, I’ve found.

Here are just a few different subjects shot both indoors with a controlled set-up – and, outdoors. I hope you like them.

A Near-Perfect Pair

35Chronicle.001 (31)5″ | f22 | ISO 100


Still Life?

35Chronicle.001 (12)1/50th | f5.0 | ISO 1600


Only Slightly Ruffled

35Chronicle.001 (18)3″ | f10 | ISO 100


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2 thoughts on “Closer Still(s) | PT.I | 35:Chronicle

  1. I like this pair! (another stupid comment! 😀 )
    I took close-ups using macro filter or “telelens” (kit 70-200). But I can’t do it good.

    1. Not a stupid comment at all!! It’s one of my favourite flower close-ups as it happens, Alena. And I’m glad you like it. Persevere! (Get yourself a cheap close-up filter! 😁)

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